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CAMNEST Companies House Registered Activities


Designing and setting up mechanisms and implimenting “Pilot Engineering Schemes”, Seminars and Workshops, in various Engineering and Technology desciplines 


Developing a platform using Cloud-based Technologies to host and market Skilled and Professional human resource.


Consultation with Local Eductional Institutioins on prevalent and relevant educational Topics for workshops and seminars 

 71122 – Engineering related scientific and technical consulting activities:

This class class includes:- engineering design(i.e applied physical laws and principles of engineering in the design i=of macjines, materials, instruments, structuer processes and systems), and consulting activities for; machinery, industrial processes and industrial plant. Projects involving civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, traffic engineering. Water management project. project elaboration and realisaton relative to electrical and electronic engineering, industrial and system enginerring, chemical and mechanical, industrial and system engineering etc.

 71129 – Other engineering activities:

Not including engineering design for industrial process and production or engineering related scientific and technical consultancy activities. A list of activities classified under the UK SIC code 71129 are as follows; Geotechnical engineering consultancy, Heating systems for buildings design activities, Integrated engineering activities for turnkey projects, Mechaninal and electrical installation for buildings design activities, Mechanical industrial and systems engineering design projects etc

74909 – Other professional, scientific and technical activities:

This group includes other professional, scientific and technical activities that are not classified elsewhere, such as agricultural science consulting services (agronomist), environmental consulting, other technical consultancy and consulting activities other than architectural, engineering and management consultancy. This includes lifting valuable objects from the sinking ship’s cargo. This group also includes activities carried out by agents or representatives on behalf of individuals who are normally involved in the creation of moving images, theater productions or other entertainment or sporting attractions and the placement of books, games (plays, music and others), art, photography and others, with publicers, producers and others.

 85600 – Educational support services:

This means that, individual or group opportunities providing information to parents which focuses on: parenting skills, child growth and development, building of self-concept, nutrition, positive guidance techniques, family resource management, parent literacy, and how to access the array of supportive services from a network of agencies that are available to families with young children who are at risk.

Advantages of our prodcuts and services

  • Workshops / Seminars in science and technology “shortage occupation ” Subjects;
  • Teaching and Lectures on identified recent technology domains – online and in-person;
  • Research and Development of “Appropriate / Adaptable Technology” for the SSA Tropical Region
  • Supply of a recruitment pool for visiting lecturers
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We are here to Build Generation with Awareness